Marketing Diamonds to Guys

Steven Singer Jewelers is a jewelry store in Philadelphia’s jewelry row, the second largest jewelry district in the country. At first he tried traditional advertising with a $10,000 TV commercial featuring him behind the counter, but he says he got no business.

Then he found he could set himself apart by targeting guys and building the experience around what guys want. While most jewelry stores play classical music and promote a high class image, Steven’s store sponsors Chicken wing eating contests and hosts an annual bubble bath party in his store where women in lingerie wade through bubbles. The store built a reputation as “the most fun you’ll ever have buying a diamond.” This strategy has been incredibly successful and the store has produced some of the highest sales per square foot in the nation.

Steven Singer Jewelers

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  1. This is great! I’ve been trying to get jewelers to focus on guys for years…glad to see Steven Singer has made it a focus.

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