Microsoft's Answer to Apple vs PC

It is one of the most talked about ad campaigns that I can remember. According to TWIT, it is costing Microsoft $10 million for Jerry Seinfeld and $300 million total for the campaign. Ryan Block, who was on TWIT, pointed out that the advertisement uses metaphors. The discount shoe store represents Microsoft that costs less than say Apple, but still delivers great value. I think this will be one of Micosoft’s best campaigns because it is episodic. It tells an ongoing story, so people actually want to see the ad to see what happens next. People will likely stop zipping through commercials on their DVR, so they can see the next part of the story. The campaign is like a serial show, and that is why I predict it will ultimately be a home run for Microsoft.

By the way, part 2 “New Family” is out if you go to the site.