Never Eat Tofu Icecream

Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone : And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time is overflowing with great ideas on how to do networking right and get the most out of your relationships at work and in life.

The 7 Best Pointers from Never Eat Alone

7. The way to get people to want to help you is to first approach them with the desire to help them. Naturally they will want to help you as well.

6. Work on your strengths and become an expert at something, rather than working on what you are weak at. It’s better to be an expert at something than average at several things.

5. Be transparent and vulnerable. If you are honest with people they will respond in kind.

4. Talk about things that are important like kids and even politics and religion. It’s so much more interesting than the weather.

3. Have the tenacity to ask, the worse they can say is no.

2. Invisibility is worse than failure.

1. Your goal when approaching people is to find out where their passions lie.

1 thought on “Never Eat Tofu Icecream”

  1. I disagree with number 6. Actually, you can be really good in many things, if you just abandon that school-time idea that you only need to choose one specialization.

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