One in 3000: Overcoming Failure

That’s the chance that an idea will become a successful product launch. It only took Thomas Edison 6000 attempts to launch the light bulb! So how are we going to come up with a great idea that can sustain a business? Edison showed that one great idea can out shine thousands of failures. Sometimes the only way to do something incredible is to become indifferent to failure.

One of the most amazing comeback stories ever is of Johnny Unitas. He was just 138 pounds in high school. Notre Dame didn’t want him because he was too light. The Pittsburgh Steelers cut him because they thought he was too dumb to play quarterback. He went to play semi-pro on fields of dirt, which had to be sprinkled with oil to keep the dust from rising. How low can you go!?

He finally got a chance with the Colts his first pass was an interception for a touchdown. His first handoff was a fumble. He had failed so many times, but he refused to give up.

Then something unexpected and extraordinary happened, he started throwing touchdowns and leading the team to wins. He went on to lead the Colts to three championships while winning three MVPs, and becoming one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. Johnny Unitas showed true perseverance and refusal to accept failure.

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