Business = Marketing

My marketing professor once told us a remarkable story about a time he flew Southwest Airlines. As he was preparing to stow his luggage in the overhead compartment it suddenly flew open and a Southwest stewardess jumped out proclaiming “Welcome to Southwest Airlines!” Southwest Airlines’ legendary fun culture is an example that marketing is not … Read more

Secret Menu Items

Many restaurants have secret off the menu items that can only be ordered by customers in the “loop”. At Jamba Juice you can order the following smoothies: Strawberry Shortcake, Gummy Bear ,Peanut Butter and Jelly, Starburst, Fruity Pebbles, Push-pops, and Skittles. At IN-N-OUT Burger they have Double Meat, Protein Style (lettuce wrap instead of bun), … Read more

Starburys Change the Game

How can marketers make the world a better place? One possibility is to market products that change or improve lives. The Starbury line of basketball shoes, endorsed by NBA player Stephan Marbury are $14.98 a pair, a significantly lower price point than competitors like Nike whose prices range from $80-$200. The objective of this pricing … Read more

The Advertising Show

In my endless search for the best marketing content I came across The Advertising Show, a weekly radio show and podcast about marketing, hosted by Ron Finklestein and Brad Brad Forsythe. The Ad Show, which discusses all areas of marketing not just advertising, presents a lot of information and interesting commentary in a professional radio … Read more

Marketing: Art or Science?

Depending on who you ask, marketing is either an art or a science. I believe that marketing is much more of an art because of the fact that consumers act irrationally. For instance, last year the national savings rate was negative which means people are spending money they don’t have, even at ridiculous interest rates. … Read more

The Line Extension Trap

One of the core concepts in Ries and Trout’s classic “Positioning” is the concept of the line extension trap. Brands must communicate a simple message to consumers that sticks despite our society’s communication overload. A line extension such as Starbucks Liquor can “blur the sharp focus of the brand in the mind”. It is easy … Read more

Dell's Idea Storm

It looks like Dell is following the democratization of ideas enabled by the web. Dell is taking advantage of “crowd sourcing” with it’s new Idea Storm website, which solicits ideas and recommendations from anyone to improve their products. I can think of two reasons why this is cool marketing. First it tells consumers that they … Read more

The Attraction Effect

Human behavior is so interesting because our choices can sometimes defy reason. Take this example cited in Made to Stick about a study by Shafir and Redelmeier. Students were given two options to spend their evening… 1. Attend a lecture by an author you admire who is visiting just for the evening.2. Go to the … Read more

The Long Tail of Marketing

The Long Tail by Chris Anderson is an observation of the behavior of consumers when given nearly limitless choice, as in the case of Amazon. The major observation is that the aggregate demand of the niche products is substantial and can be profitable when distribution efficiencies allow such choice. An internet company does not need … Read more

My Purple Cow

After reading Purple Cow by Seth Godin I am trying to come up with my own purple cow, or the thing that makes me remarkable. It’s not easy. “Purple Cows do an outrageous job. They work on high profile projects. These people take risks, often resulting in big failures.” The main thesis of the book … Read more