Video Interview with Rohit Bhargava

David Site Garland from Rise to the Top recently interviewed Rohit Bhargava, author of the new book Likeonomics and the popular blog Influential Marketing Blog.

Key takeaways from the interview:
-Rohit got started in marketing because he was passionate about writing.
-Learning what you don’t want to do when you are young is extremely valuable.
-Once went door to door to sell websites to restaurants but couldn’t convince anyone that they needed a website.
-Never walk into a meeting with someone without knowing what you can do to help them.
-Got his first job in Australia after college because of the personal website he built.
-Cold called Ogilvy and asked for the digital team leader and then emailed him requesting an interview.
-If you can hit someone before they are about to write a job description, it can help you get hired.
-Got his first book deal by meeting with Tim Ferriss at South by Southwest.
-Having a great editor really helps because they will tell you when you have holes in your arguments or gaps in your story line rather than telling you which words to change.
-It turns out you can’t recycle much content from your blog in your book.
-Don’t underestimate the importance of the first week of the book launch.
-Rohit had to tell people not to buy the book because it was released earlier than expected and he wanted the sales to hit during one week so he could get on a best-selling list to gain momentum.
-His agency once lost a bid and the decision maker later told him it was because the other team had better chemistry.
-Beliefs don’t always lead to action. Personal relationships are a stronger motivation.

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Creative commons photo by Shashi Bellamkonda

You can find Rohit’s book Likeonomics at Amazon.