Self Checkout Can Make You Lose Weight

A study by IHL consulting shows that self checkout at grocery stores can help people lose weight. They found that when consumers used self checkout their impulse purchases dropped 32.1% for women and 16.7% for men. IHL suggested that this was due to self-checkout lanes having less junk food displayed and lines were shorter, limiting time captive audiences have junk food staring at them. According to IHL, women consume enough calories from impulse items to gain 4 lbs. a year, while men under 25 consume enough calories to gain 8 lbs. per year.

Does anyone not agree that every large grocer should have self checkout as an option. It saves people time, making their experience more pleasant. The study also found that 86% of users have a positive view of the technology (of those having used it at least six times). It frees up employees to do other things like help customers find items.

On a side note, the study found that the most popular voices for the self checkout were Tom Brokaw, Walter Cronkite, Don LaFontaine (the movie trailer guy), and Darth Vader.