SEMRush Review and Tips

SEMRush is the top SEO tool for many digital marketers because it offers a wide range of tools and data to analyze competitors in any niche.

Stealing Competitor Search Traffic

Clicking on “Domain vs Domain” in the left menu will take you to a page where you can enter two or more domains to compare.


Enter the domains you want to compare in the input fields and click the “Go” button.


SEMRush will display the keywords that the two domains both rank for and how each domain ranks.


You can also filter the list to show which keywords your competitor is ranking for on the first page that you are not.


Click on the “Advanced filters” and then select the domains and greater than 10 for your domain and less than 10 for your competitor.

You can try to improve your rankings for these keywords by creating content on that topic or building links to your existing page. If you don’t have content for those keywords, it can be a great opportunity to increase your search traffic.

Top Pages

This is a feature that is a little hidden in SEMRush. Click on “Domain Analytics” and “entire menu” and “Pages” to see the pages on any domain that receive the most traffic.


This will show you which pages on a competitor website are driving the most traffic. You can use this information to try to duplicate their top pages on your site and make them better to take some of that traffic.

This will also show a percentage breakdown of how much of a website’s traffic is coming from their top pages. For Cool Marketing Stuff, the article on “The Compromise Effect” accounts for 31% of the site’s traffic (almost one-third) according to SEMRush’s estimates. It is common for a handful of pages to account for a majority of a site’s traffic.