Seth Godin: Marketing Wise Guy

Seth’s Godin writes a very entertaining blog on marketing called
Seth’s Blog. It can be difficult to find information that you can actually use, but when you do, it’s well worth the effort. He’s also the author of some very interesting books like Purple Cow and Free Prize Inside, which I haven’t read yet but fully intend to soon.

Top 8 Seth Points….

8. Find a way to get your customers to rave about you.

7. Even if there essentially zero opportunity cost, people will still avoid taking the effort to switch. i.e. Firefox is better than Explorer but doesn’t have a large market share, even though it is free.

6. Marketing is spreading ideas that people fall in love with, rather than selling people stuff they don’t need.

5. All the magazine articles in the world can’t undo a lousy desk clerk. (This is for you QFC).

4. All businesses are service businesses and the experience is the product.

3. Be remarkable

2. Obsess about daily progress, not overnight success

1. The better story can overcome the better product.