Seth Strikes Back

In the highly enjoyable book Small is the New Big, Seth Godin strikes back against corporate America. In today’s world large companies are too conformed, too unauthentic, too uncaring, too conservative, and too used to the status quo, to paraphrase the book. Instead of a typical book format, Seth uses a blog like format, with short discussions of hundreds, if not thousands of his unique insights on people, business, and marketing. I would strongly recommend this book to be put on your books to read list.

My 5 fav pointers
5. Benchmarking encourages us to be average, not remarkable.
4. Working hard is not working long, its about taking risks.
3. All the magazine ads in the world can’t undo an unfriendly desk clerk. Every service employee is your marketing department.
2. You can’t trick people into noticing your ads, people must want to notice.
1. Encourage positive conversations. Be remarkable.