Starburys Change the Game

How can marketers make the world a better place? One possibility is to market products that change or improve lives. The Starbury line of basketball shoes, endorsed by NBA player Stephan Marbury are $14.98 a pair, a significantly lower price point than competitors like Nike whose prices range from $80-$200. The objective of this pricing strategy is to help low income kids afford a pair of relatively nice basketball shoes, when the current market did not provide an option. For kids who live in tough circumstances, it has given them something to be happy about. It has also challenged the social norm of purchasing expensive material items to validate self worth. Even billionaire Mark Cuban sports the Starbury’s and loves them. This is the type of significant work that can give us marketers a great sense of purpose and I applaud Stephan Marbury and the business leaders who made it happen.

Stephan Marbury Interview Video