Pat Flynn Talk on Using Free as a Marketing Tactic

Pat Flynn is the creator of the very popular podcast and blog Smart Passive Income and is an exceptional online marketer who has made a living from publishing niche websites and eBooks. The SPI podcast focuses primarily on interviews with lifestyle entrepreneurs who are making a living from successful online businesses and also covers online marketing topics like SEO. His mantra is to work hard now so you can reap the benefits later which is a very attractive offer for a large segment of the population who dream about passive income that was made famous by The 4 Hour Workweek. Becoming an effective online marketer can certainly help individuals in pursuit of this goal. Here is Pat’s excellent presentation on leveraging the power of free in your marketing that he gave at New Media Expo in 2013.

Key takeaways from the talk:
-People will go amazing lengths for free like waiting 3 1/2 hours for a free Grand Slam from Denny’s.
-We know that free works to build connections.
-Dan Ariely did an experiment where he sold Lindt Truffles for 15 cents and Hershey’s Kisses for 1 cent. 73% bought a Lindt Truffle and 27% bought a Hershey’s Kiss. When he lowered the price of both by 1 cent, then 30% bought the truffle and 70% took the Kiss.
-Free is an indirect path to profit.
-What is the ultimate goal for people coming to your site?
-If you create something amazing, people will share it.
-Introducing free changes behavior.
-We hate to lose things.
-Free is not a business model, it has to lead to something else.
-Make it easy, people are lazy online. Make it one click.
-Earn trust with people and show them you can create amazing content.
-You will get higher quality leads.
-Cliff Ravenscraft’s free teaser course was viewed 24,000 times. 40% of purchasers of the full course also took the free course.
-Surprise people with something out of the blue.

Check out Pat Flynn’s book Let Go:

Derek Halpern Talk on Nonverbal Website Cues

Derek Halpern is the author of Social Triggers, a popular blog that shows how to use findings from academic research to be more effective in marketing and business. In this talk at Affiliate Summit, he discusses research that suggests ways to improve conversions on your website.

Some key takeaways from the talk:
-The British College of Optometrists found that 43% of people thought people who wore glasses are more intelligent and are more likely to get hired from a job interview.
-A study found that a fancy font on the menu made it seem like more time went into the preparation of a meal.
-A study found that people preferred a shorter content column width when reading online.
-If you get people to read the first three sentences of your copy, they will almost always read the rest of the copy.
-You should have one specific goal for each page.
-People don’t like to spend money. Don’t give them any reason not to buy.
-People prefer to read out of a book.
-Online people prefer consuming small chunks of content.
-Remove navigation on order pages to increase conversion.
-People have a tendency to look where other people are looking.
-It makes you feel good to see other people smile.
-Avoid using stock photos of people smiling. People are turned off by fake smiles.

Derek Halpern also hosts the excellent Social Triggers Insider podcast where he interviews authors and business people about psychology and business topics.

Creative Commons photo by Shashi Bellamkonda.

18 Excellent Seth Godin Videos

Seth Godin has been challenging conventional business ideas for over a decade with influential books like Purple Cow, Tribes, and Linchpin. Here are some great videos of Seth Godin sharing his ideas about marketing, challenging the status quo, and being remarkable. I also included my notes of the top takeaways from each video.

How to get your ideas to spread TED

-The television industrial complex is not working like it used to.
-In a world where we have too many choices and too little time, the obvious thing to do is to just ignore stuff.
-No matter what we do for a living, we are in the fashion business.

Times Square with Seth Godin Delivering Happiness

-Books spread ideas with authority.
-Zappos is a service company that happens to sell shoes.
-Happiness’ best friend is kindness and passion’s best friend is generosity.

Seth Godin On Books, Business And Life Good Life Project

-A book is a souvenir of an idea.
-Seth got 900 rejection letters in a row.
-A hundred years ago no one went to a place to work where someone told you what to do.
-Every business plan is wrong.

Art and Science and Making Things World Maker Faire 2012

-Public school is an industrial system that was designed to prepare people to work in the factory.
-There is no data that shows that famous colleges perform important tasks better.
-The person who invented ships also invented shipwrecks.
-Almost every big innovation to come out of Silicon Valley was not liked by venture capitalists.

All Marketers are Liars Google

-Technology doesn’t win. Technology gives you a shot at marketing.
-Permission marketing is the privilege of marketing to people who want to be marketed to.
-When we are buying Chanel No. 5 or Fancy Feast cat food, we are buying the story.

Seth Godin Keynote IABtv

-Any job that can be written down precisely is replaceable at a cheaper price.
-It is far easier to find competent people than ever before.
-We are seeing a revolution from corporations to collections of individuals who run tribes.

Seth Godin: The tribes we lead TED

-Most leadership is about finding a group that is disconnected but already has a yearning.
-If you’re not upsetting anyone then you’re not changing the status quo.
-The thing people want more than anything is to be missed.
-Being a leader gives you charisma.

Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain 99U

-The rule at 37 Signals is that when you run out of time or money, you ship.
-What you do for a living is ship.
-Insist on trashing early, not right before you ship.

More Seth Godin Videos:
Seth Godin Explains Why You Need a Tribe Loic Lemeur (12:23)
-Successful products are not the ones with the most features.
-The hard thing is to do something that people choose to talk about.

Seth Godin at the 2012 Edison Awards Edison Awards (22:29)
-The people who are winning are playing off abundance not scarcity.
-The wind is at your back if you enabling the community to get smarter and more connected (versus being more private).

Seth Godin: Medicine Ball Session Pilot Girl Productions (54:02)
-Art is the act of touching someone through your emotional labor.
-The reason Ford made all Model-T’s black is that the paint dried 4 hours faster.
-Americans spend thousands of dollars that they don’t have so they can stay connected through cell phones and Internet.

Seth Godin Interview on Behind the Brand (20:35)
-We live in a project world.
-If I fail more than you do, I win.
-If you’re not curious, you’re not going to learn.
-It’s easier than ever before to start a business.
-No one gives you initiative, you have to take it.
-No one ever died speaking in public.

Getting Weird with Seth Godin (27:17)
-Demographics doesn’t matter, psychographics matter. It doesn’t matter where you were born, it matters what you do.
-A brand is a set of expectations people have about a company.

Seth Godin on The Hour (8:28)
-The recession is a forever recession. It is the end of the industrial age.
-For a long time people got paid above average wages for average work, but that is coming to an end.
-You need to recognize the voice of the lizard brain and then move on.

Seth Godin Talk on Tribes Mixergy (1:13:46)
-Humans like doing what other human beings are doing.
-When you root for a sports team, you are rooting for yourself. When they win, you win.
-If you can’t get 100 people to share your book with their friends, then you shouldn’t write it.

Seth Godin Interview with Giant Impact (7:12)
-Fire your customers who take up 80% of your time and provide 20% of the value.

Seth Godin Interview on The Social Network (starts at 2:14 mark)
-Seth raised money for Icarus Deception using Kickstarter.
-Art is doing personal work that may fail that connects to another human being.
-Seth writes every day as a discipline.
-Today, the cost of being wrong is much lower.
-Seth focuses on only working on things that might not work.

Seth Godin Inteview on the Icarus Deception Behind the Brand (44:27)
-We are trained in school to follow a map instead of giving directions.
-We’re too focused on avoiding criticism.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Michael Galpert