20 Helpful Resources for Learning About Keyword Research

A successful campaign to increase valuable traffic to your website starts with understanding the right keywords that you want your website to rank for. Keyword research can help you determine what potential customers are searching for and uncover opportunities where your site can move up to the first page in search results. The following resources … Read more

Top Interview Questions For Hiring an SEO Writer

Hiring for SEO can be tricky for two reasons: First, it’s difficult if you aren’t overly familiar with SEO yourself, and second, even if you do have an SEO background, it can be tough to know what questions to ask someone because it is such a new industry. Most colleges and universities don’t have classes … Read more

7 Best Tips of Mozcon 2012

Mozcon is one of the best online marketing and SEO conferences in the country and is held each summer in Seattle. It is run by the SEO software company SEOMoz and brings in some of the top speakers in the SEO and online marketing industry. This year was the biggest event yet with over 700 … Read more

Lessons From Getting Hit By The Google Panda Update

After hearing so many stories of people who have lost a huge percentage of traffic from the Google Panda Update, I finally experienced the dreaded Panda first-hand. On October 14th, traffic on Cool Marketing Stuff took a nose dive. According to Matt Cutts, there was a minor Panda update on October 14th. Over the last … Read more