Video Interview on How to Get Traffic from Facebook Ads

This is a very informative interview with Victoria Gibson on Rise to the Top that describes how you can drive traffic to your site effectively through Facebook advertising.

Key takeaways from the interview:
-Facebook will lower your cost per click if your ad gets a lot of clicks.
-You definitely need a Facebook page for your business.
-Even if people don’t click, you can increase awareness of your brand for free.
-You are more likely to engage with a brand that a friend recommends.
-People are still seeing your brand message even if people don’t click on your ad.
-The image accounts for about 80% of why people will click an ad.
-Give away something of value first.
-Questions generally work well in your headline.
-Focus on the benefits.
-If you use Facebook Ads to promote your Facebook Page, people who like the ad will automatically like the page.
-Keep your reach under 200,000 (so it is more targeted).
-You can create an event in Facebook and turn it into a Facebook ad.
-Familiarize yourself with Facebook’s advertising guidelines.
-The average cost per click is about 70-80 cents.
-You want your click through rate (CTR) to be above .02.
-Facebook ads get stale quickly (in about 5 days). You need to refresh your ad constantly.
-Not testing is the single biggest mistakes people make.

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