What I Would Have Learned If I Attended New Media Expo

In the latest episode of the Podtini podcast, Don talks about his recent trip to the New Media Expo and some of his best take aways from the conference. One of the best take aways is the use of partnerships in social media, in other words reaching out to fellow bloggers and sharing content. This could be as simple as you writing a guest post for someone else’s site, which would help them generate new, unique content while helping you drive links and traffic back to your site. Hopefully they will want to contribute to your site as well.

I think this is an excellent idea, and one I am planning to implement to grow my audience. If you look at most really successful blogs, they are usually collaborative. They often have more than one regular contributor and or even several guest authors. In a Google dominated internet, having a community that is willing to contribute content to your site for free is an ideal situation. 

Ask blogs that you follow if they will let you write a guest post or if they are willing to partner with you. It’s a win, win situation. 

Image Source shundaroni