How to Find Niche Low Competition Keywords Using Long Tail Pro

Starting a website or a blog is tough enough. Getting your content found on Page 1 on any given search engine is even tougher. It becomes very clear that keyword research and leveraging the right keywords is critical towards optimizing your website or blog post. The next question then becomes which keywords are the right … Read more

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How to Import and Edit Landing Pages with Funneljoy

To be able to successfully collect leads and nurture them into paying customers, every marketer or entrepreneur would agree on the need for a sales funnel creation. In the same vein, to build a great sales funnel, you’d need to build a couple of landing pages targeted at specific user segments. Sometimes, landing pages can … Read more

4 Ways to Find Great Guest Posting Opportunities

Backlinks… Our SEO strategies rely on them heavily, but achieving them can seem like an endless battle. Sure, they are easy in theory, just contact a quality site, write up some great content and there you have it…but this is far from reality.  Beyond contacting a handful of websites we know about in our niche, … Read more

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5 Tips for Growing Your Facebook Group

While many people are leaving Facebook for newer platforms like SnapChat and Instagram, Facebook Groups are still going strong! Membership of Facebook Groups climbed 40% in 2018, and the trend is likely to continue. In this article, we’ll show you how to get more members in your Facebook group. With these tips, you’ll learn how … Read more

Tips for Conducting Keyword Research with SEMRush

A fundamental part of an SEO campaign is being able to do effective keyword research to find out what your target customer is searching for in Google. “Keyword research helps us remain competitive against other design agencies in the search engines.” says Jamie Costello from BGN Agency, a digital design company based in the United … Read more